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Brentwood Gymnastics Club (BGC) is committed to being open and responsive to any complaints offered by members of our Gymnastics community.  Wherever possible, BGC will seek an outcome to a complaint that is satisfactory to all parties.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Ensure a procedure where people who are part of the Gymnastics community can communicate any complaints, or compliments, regarding BGC services, functions or operations;

  • Enable BGC to benefit from all complaints, or compliments, through ensuring that they are recorded, considered, resolved and monitored;

  • Establish the principles that Govern BGC responses to any complaints;

  • Ensure that the Gymnastics Community is aware of this policy.


Where can I find out about the Policy and how can I lodge a complaint ?

The Grievance, Complaints and Compliments Policy can be found here.   To register your complaint please use this form.

The Club also has a Member Protection Information Officer and a special Member Protection Policy, the objective being to maintain responsible behaviour and explaining how to make informed decisions.  The policy also outlines our commitment to a person's right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse.   This policy document also contains the forms to enable the details of an issue to be documented and recorded. The Policy also outlines the process for the handling of allegations of child abuse.

Our Member Protection Policy and forms can be found here.   If reporting Child Abuse please use this form.

To contact our Member Protection Information Officer please contact Ron Reed on 0415 365 321

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